Youtube fun

We were posting our videos up to YouTube the other day and were pleasantly surprised to find that there were already a few contributions to YouTube featuring some of our activities and sites.  We’ll share a few of the best of them in coming weeks.

First cab off the rank is this video with footage of the larger flying fox at QCCC Mapleton.

We have two flying foxes at Mapleton. The first is a smaller one we use for younger groups, generally Year 5 and below. It runs from a height of 12 metres and has a length of thirty metres.

The flying fox featured in the video is a monster – as you’ll notice from the person on it rapidly leaving the camera shot to distant trees. Released from a height of nearly twenty metres, the cable stretches a distance in excess of 100 metres. It’s quite a ride!

We’re often asked how risky the activities at Mapleton are. Statistics show that the most dangerous part of any camp is the bus journey to and from a venue!   All of our instructors go through a rigorous training and accreditation process and our activities are all subject to regular independent audits to ensure the safety of every participant.

So while this footage of our flying fox looks out there, there’s an awful lot of care and safety under girding the adrenalin rush.