Triballink Centre

For thousands of years, Aboriginal people from many miles around came to the Blackall Range during the bumper fruiting seasons of the Bunya tree for a time of feasting, story-telling and conflict resolution.  Baroon Pocket was a place of plenty and the Jinibara people welcomed people from near and far to share in their good fortune.  As Determined Native Title Claimants for the Blackall Range, the Jinibara People Aboriginal Corporation extend their welcome to the rainforest playground of QCCC Mapleton to all people.

What is Triballink?

Triballink Activity Centre is an educational precinct set aside for experiential Outdoor Education focused on the cross-curriculum priorities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture and Environmental Sustainability. Operating out of an undercover auditorium capable of seating up to 200 people, the Triballink Centres offers amazing experiences of indigenous culture and Aboriginal learning outcomes: –

  • Walkabout a pristine rainforest property and sample bushfood while learning about traditional land management techniques;
  • Enjoy dance, didge and song through the day or under the stars at night;
  • Immerse yourself in a traditional family setting and learn the honed survival skills from the people who have thrived on the world’s harshest continent;
  • Learn about Aboriginal perspectives on their interaction and cooperation with other cultures from history and today;
  • Be challenged to see major historical events from an Aboriginal worldview.
  • Get hands-on with Aboriginal Art and Craft options.

All activities can be offered in a grade-level appropriate way to meet aspects of the Australian National Curriculum.

DOWNLOAD the Triballink Centre Information Brochure.

UPDATE: Federal Government Backs Triballink – see the blog post here.

Activity Options: Daytime

Bush Tucker/environmental immersion:

Using QCCC Mapleton’s exquisite rainforest property, embark on a touch, taste and feel tour of rainforest cuisine. Your guide will show you bush foods, demonstrate and facilitate bush etiquette and survival skills and discuss sustainable relationships with pristine environments.

Living and Thriving:

An experiential immersion into Aboriginal home life before colonisation. You will participate in a traditional Jinibara/Kabi Kabi encampment experience, viewing and using traditional tools, weapons and hunting methods. Experience traditional family life and participate in the creation of law in our yarning circle.

Dandali: Freedom Fighter or Bushranger:

Do the victors really get to write history? Learn about local Aboriginal man Dandali and view the media coverage of his deeds. You will have the opportunity to view all the evidence of this man from mainstream media and custodians from the local area and participate in a “kangaroo court” to decide his fate.

Contact! (Environment)

Immerse yourself in Aboriginal methods of land and environmental management. Understand concepts of caring for country and treading lightly on the environment before exposure to modern farm methods on a working farm to compare and contrast methodologies.

Contact! (Society)

Using media and story-telling to gain an understanding of the organising principles of Aboriginal contact before colonisation this activity incorporates concepts of reciprocity and social organisation, leadership and decision making. You will be guided through indigenous perspectives of post-colonial contact and the impact of the Preservation and Protection Act (1939), the Missions and Stolen Generations, 1969 Referendum and Kevin Rudd’s Apology.

Art and craft shed:

Discover the ancient symbols and skills of the Jinibara, Kabi Kabi and Waka Waka people. Participants will be able to construct and decorate a ceremonial canoe, stone axe or bark painting to take home as a permanent memento of their time at Triballink.

Activity Options: Nightime

Bookings Essential


Be transfixed by a master story-teller with an evening performance of story-telling and entertainment to transport you through the local Dreaming. You will be entertained with didgeridoo playing and story-telling and law concepts from the local area. Schools can follow up the experience with a reflective worksheet.

Full Aboriginal Dance Troupe

A performance from the Wandaran Goombuckar Dance Mob will entertain participants with an interactive experience of singing, dancing and story-telling. Enjoy a campfire corrobboree experience where participation is not only encouraged, but great fun.

Please note: Exclusivity to Triballink Night Activities requires a minimum charge. Shared access will be available to groups under 50 participants.

Packages are available for daytime and night activities for non-accommodated groups.

 Please contact the QCCC Mapleton office to discuss your options.