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Top Outdoor Education Activity for School Camps

We think that Outdoor education activities at school camp are just the best! We believe in the benefits and learnings kids gain from outdoor learning. So much so that we take great pride in providing professional instructors to provide the safest experience. We even invest in interns and train them to be the next generation of passionate outdoor education instructors and experts.

Have you got a favourite outdoor education activity? We asked QCCC Intern, Brianna, to tell us about her favourite outdoor activity that she helps look after during school camps at QCCC.

Interview Transcript:

Brianna: My name is Brianna and I work here at QCCC at Mapleton and I’m a second-year intern.

Interviewer: What is your favourite outdoor education activity?

Brianna: I think my favourite activity would be flying fox just because it’s just fun you get to go super fast down this like zipline, not many kids get to have the opportunity to do that so it’s just a fun thing to jump off a platform and go down and your group gets to watch you as you go down and cheer you on so it’s like a big group effort as well so my favourite activity.

Interviewer: Why is the flying fox your favourite activity?

Brianna: So your team has to help you get up the top like a bit of a tree they have to climb so there are all different challenges along the way so kids might think oh I can only go to the ladder but you try and help them to get bit past the ladder if that’s all they do then that’s the challenge or they might want to go just above the tree or something like that yeah and it’s cool when they’re like I don’t think I can do it but you see them go to the platform and they go off so it’s like a bit of a victory for you and them at the same time so it’s a good feeling.

Interviewer: What makes the flying fox so popular?

Brianna: I think any kid is left I’m gonna climb a tree normally when you grow up you’re like uh I’m not out of climb trees like a parent’s like it’s unsafe but like they know it’s safe and they’ve watched other people do it so it’s a fun thing climbing a tree and then you don’t ever really get an opportunity to jump off a platform just to find like going down so and that’s a pretty cool view at the top yeah like you’re at the height of the trees so it’s a bit of a different experience.

Interviewer: What is the biggest challenge of the flying fox?

Brianna: Probably height I think a lot of people have a fear of height I’m not gonna lie height’s not my favourite thing either sometimes so it um pushes people to their limits because not everyone climbs a tree every day and yeah safety obviously they have to trust in these ropes and carabiners and something new but at the same time trusting us instructors so I guess showing them how we do it and then giving them space that we are safe and watching their whole group go through also helps them so yeah I think a fear of heights and safety but we always reassure everything.

Interviewer: What is your tip for a first-timer on the flying fox?

Brianna: Give it a go even if you don’t have to go all the way to the top you can choose where you want to go um we always encourage it awesome view at the top it’s so much fun going down but I guess there’s a level you want to push yourself so if you think I can only go above the ladder then great job you’ve at least given the turn but yeah always encourage it, go to the top, great view and get to have fun going down and it’s a rewarding thing.

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