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Top Outdoor Education Activities – Intern Favourites

Top Outdoor Education Activities – Intern Favourites

There are so many great benefits to outdoor education. Some of the most popular outdoor education activities for school camps in Queensland are found at QCCC campsites. We sat down with a few of our interns to share about their top outdoor education activity. Here’s QCCC Intern, Jasmine, to tell us about her top outdoor education activity at QCCC Mapleton – the giant swing.


Jasmine: Hi, I’m Jasmine, I’m an intern at QCCC, so I’m learning how to train to be an instructor

Interviewer: What is your favourite outdoor education activity?

Jasmine: I love doing the giant swing it’s such a fun activity to run and to see the kids ‘reactions, yeah watching the kids push themselves, it’s a height activity so obviously a lot of kids are really scared to do it and they’re not sure how to go, but it’s really interesting to you know see how they push themselves and to help them out with that as well.

Interviewer: Why is the giant swing your favourite activity?

Jasmine: I feel like not many campsites have it like some do but it’s not super common activity that other school camps would be able to go to so it’s something new for the kids to try definitely the height.

Interviewer: What makes the giant swing so popular?

Jasmine: Yeah it’s really high up and also when they’re going up they have to hold a rope so that kind of scares them because they’re in control of when they swing back by letting go of that yeah so when they’re climbing up the ladder and you’re clipping them in they’ll be a little bit shaky and a bit nervous so you can tell them it’s going to be okay and that’s like it’s safe and they’ve got all that safety stuff in position so nothing’s going to happen and then when they’re going up you know you can encourage them and just get their team their teammates to encourage them as well.

Interviewer: What is the biggest challenge of the giant swing?

Jasmine: I say 90 percent of the kids that go up only halfway once they come back down they’re like I should have gone further like they wish they went a lot further than what they did so yeah just push yourself as much as you can it’s a lot of fun yeah.

the giant swing