Cultural Awareness Activities

Top 5 Australian Cultural Awareness Activities

Top 5 Australian Cultural Awareness Activities 

Australia is truly blessed to have such a culturally rich First Nations People. There is so much to learn from our Aboriginal brothers and sisters. Everything from storytelling, relationships, food, dance, the importance of place, and environment. There is something for both our heads and hearts to embrace from Aboriginal culture. Even practical approaches that can be learned from and applied to everyday living. 

At QCCC (Queensland Camping and Conference Centres) we believe this wholeheartedly, and so we have partnered with our friends from the award-winning Tribalink, to promote and embrace First Nations Cultural Awareness activities into outdoor education programs, right here in Mapleton, Queensland. Here are our top 5 Aboriginal cultural awareness activities on school camp at QCCC: 

1. Night-time Storytelling 

Aboriginal storytelling is a tradition that has been passed down through the generations and has so much to teach us about life, culture, and tradition. Be prepared to be mesmerised by local storytelling and dreaming under the dulcet sound of the didgeridoo.

2. Bush Tucker/Environmental Immersion 

Did you know there is bush etiquette? How do you identify eatable bush tucker? Bush Tucker and Environmental Immersion education activities provide opportunities to gain expert guidance and obtain insight into local Sunshine Coast bush foods on a working farm. Consequently, you learn how to identify what is bush survival food and learn about environmental sustainability.  

 3. Every-day Living and Thriving 

What is it like to live in a traditional Jinibara/Kabi Kabi encampment? This is immersed learning about everyday life involving traditional tools, and weapons/hunting methods. Also learn about family life and participate in law creation in a traditional yarning circle. 

 4. Aboriginal Art and Craft Shed 

Have you ever wondered what some of the symbols in Aboriginal art mean? This kind of activity is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about some of the ancient symbols and skill from local artists. You will grow in your appreciation for Aboriginal artwork. 

 5. Dandali  

Learn and engage with local history. Learn about a local historical figure and the media coverage surrounding them. This is an opportunity to engage with the story and participate in a “kangaroo court” where you will consider all the evidence to decide whether they are truly a freedom fighter or a bush ranger. 

 Aboriginal cultural awareness activities can have many benefits. We ourselves have seen how such activities help inspire people to build relationships with First Nations People, create a greater understanding of the history and culture of Aboriginal peoples, and foster a sense of unity and respect between all communities. For more information on participation in activities like these that celebrate the unique cultural heritage of Aboriginal peoples, check out the activities available through our friends at Triballink – . 


Top 5 Australian Cultural Awareness Activities