Top 10 Theme Ideas for Church Camps

Top 10 Theme Ideas for Church Camps

Church camps are an excellent opportunity for people to come together, build relationships, and grow spiritually. Choosing the right theme is essential as it sets the tone for the camp and how people will engage with registering. Firstly, organisers should consider the nature of the camp, is it a fun family camp, an actioned packed youth camp, or a more serious and reflective Christian conference-style camp. Here are 10 theme ideas for church camps that you could adapt when planning your next church camp:

  1. “Wilderness Adventure” – This theme focuses on the idea of exploring the great outdoors and connecting with God’s guidance and direction. Perfect for retreats where personal reflection time can be utilised to give participants some solitude to focus on their spiritual connection with God. Both QCCC Tamborine and Mapleton have a breadth of scenic surroundings and walks where campers can spend time in nature’s beauty.
  2. “Beach Bash” – Perfect for camps near the coast, this theme celebrates the beach culture and encourages participants to reflect on the beauty and majesty of God’s creation. Our Noosa Campus is just minutes away from the world-famous Noosa Main Beach and Hastings Street.
  3. “Superheroes” – This church camp theme idea is a favourite amongst youth and young adult camps. This theme allows participants to explore what it means to be a hero in their faith and how they can use their gifts and talents to become inspiring servant leaders.
  4. “Survivor” – Of course, this theme is inspired by the popular TV show. This theme challenges participants to survive the wilderness and overcome obstacles while also growing in their faith. QCCC’s Noosa Outdoor Education Centre is the perfect venue for this theme with opportunities to camp in a true “survival style” and plenty of break-out space to set up obstacle courses and activities for the whole family.

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  5. “Mystery Mansion” – This theme creates a fun and exciting atmosphere where participants work together to solve puzzles and clues that reveal God’s truths. This theme often requires ample break-out space to undertake group activities. Talk to our team about what space might work best for the size of your group.
  6. “Road Trip!!” – This theme encourages participants to journey together, exploring unfamiliar places and encountering new challenges while also growing in their faith. This theme is great for overnight (one-night) camps. Particularly where a good length drive is involved for the participants. The focus of this theme is more on the journey to camp, where organic conversations and discipleship happen during the road trip. The road trip could have several stops along the way until reaching the ultimate destination of the campsite.
  7. “Olympics” – This church camp theme idea uses the spirit of competition to inspire participants to give their best in all areas of life while also reflecting on the importance of teamwork, humility, and perseverance. This then involves dividing the group into teams who will compete for an overall prize or simply boasting rights. QCCC Mapleton is a great campsite for an Olympics theme due to the broad range of Outdoor Education activities that are available. Talk to our team for more on what outdoor activities are best suited for your camp program.
  8. “Mario Brothers Theme” – This is a super fun type of theme based on the video game that is great for youth camps. Through age-appropriate activities and games (that could also include dressing up as your favourite Mario Brothers character), this theme can help draw a focus on doing missions as a team, doing missions in community with one another (and being empowered along the way) where the gospel can be shared with others. Guest speakers could include those who can provide inspiration & insight into how to serve those in need in the community well and in a Christ-like way. Advertising in advance a prize for the best Mario Brothers costume is also a wonderful way to add to the engagement of campers.
  9. “Mission Possible” – This theme challenges participants to think about how they can make a difference in their communities and the world while also growing in their faith. This type of theme is great for a Christian conference-style camp with guest speakers and workshops that equip your church community for the mission of God.
  10. “Family Matters” – This theme focuses on the importance of community and family, encouraging participants to build relationships, share stories, and support each other in their faith journeys. Incorporating a children’s program with qualified staff and volunteers is a key part of this type of camp, as it provides parents with the space to get involved in the camp program and gives kids an opportunity to get outdoors and have fun.


No matter what your interests or age, there are so many theme ideas for church camps out there that will inspire and engage your church to get involved. Church camps are a fantastic way to connect with others and grow in your faith, while also enjoying the beauty of what the outdoors in Queensland has to offer.


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