Thinking Outside the Tent: Big Group Camping

In our Australian context, the mental image of putting up a tent goes hand-in-hand with camping. However, camping doesn’t always involve pitching a tent. It can encompass a variety of accommodations and experiences, especially when it comes to big group camping. Rather than solely relying on tents and campfires, large group camping can involve sleeping in what we in the industry refer to as “hard-top” options. Cabins, huts, or dorms, and enjoying professional onsite catering in dedicated dining halls. While some may liken this to “glamping” rather than traditional camping, the reality is that for organizing camps for 100-150 people, this hassle-free approach often makes more sense than dealing with the logistics of setting up numerous tents and preparing food with limited cooking options.


Here are some tips around what to consider when planning a big group camp:

What is the best group camping accommodation option for you: When planning a camp for a large group, the coordination of tent camping can be overwhelming. Instead, group camping facilities such as those offered at QCCC venues offer a range of accommodation options, from cabins and lodges to dormitories. This allows for comfortable sleeping arrangements without the hassle of setting up and packing down tents.

How are you going to feed your campers: One of the biggest challenges of group camping is providing meals for many people. With QCCC’s onsite catering services at Mapleton, Tamborine, and Brookfield, camp organizers can ensure that everyone is well-fed without the need for individual cooking equipment or campfire cooking. This not only simplifies meal planning but also ensures that dietary needs and preferences can be accommodated effectively.

QCCC’s onsite catering services

Consider the benefits of dedicated dining facilities: Eating together is a central aspect of the camping experience, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. Group camping facilities often include dedicated dining halls or outdoor eating areas where campers can gather for meals, escape the weather elements, socialize, and bond over shared experiences while lingering over a meal.

dedicated dining facilities

What activities and amenities add value to your program: In addition to comfortable accommodations and convenient dining options, QCCC’s group camping facilities offer a range of activities and amenities to enhance the camping experience and create great lifelong memories. This could include resort-style recreational facilities like swimming pools, sports courts, or hiking trails, as well as organized outdoor education activities and even off-site excursions that are close by.

outdoor education activites

What are the logistical benefits that take the hassle out of organising: Opting for big group camping facilities at a QCCC campsite can offer logistical benefits beyond accommodations and meals. These facilities are often equipped to handle large groups efficiently, with amenities like onsite parking, restroom facilities, and trained staff who are experts in big group camping and outdoor education activities. This allows camp organizers to focus on creating a memorable program for campers without getting bogged down by logistical challenges.


While the traditional image of camping may involve pitching tents and cooking over a campfire, big group camping opens a world of possibilities beyond the tent. With comfortable accommodations, solutions for meals, dedicated dining facilities, and a range of activities and amenities, group camping offers a hassle-free approach to enjoying the great outdoors with a large group of friends, family, schoolmates, or colleagues. So, the next time you are planning a camping trip for a big group, consider thinking outside the tent and exploring the options available for group camping with QCCC.