Thanks Murray and Carolyn

Thanks Murray and Carolyn!

Today, Friday 10th December 2021, is a truly momentous day for QCCC Brookfield, as the baton of management is passed from our foundational management team Murray and Carolyn. Yes, they’ve been at QCCC Brookfield since it was a derelict husk in 2005, overseeing its renovation and commencement to what it is today, one of the busiest and most professional facilities of its type in Brisbane City. An incredible job of service, diligence, hospitality and going the extra mile, always.

They’ll be passing the baton on to Nicole Schabort, the team they’ve built up and a few newcomers as well. Nicole started work for us in home quarantine after joining us from Crusader Camps in Sydney. It’s a return home for this Queenslander who also has extensive experience in the hotel and hospitality industries. Welcome Nicole! We know our centre will be in good hands.

The driving passion of Murray and Carolyn, and we know Nicole too, is the exercise of Christian hospitality with excellence. Over the years they’ve blessed and nourished tens of thousands of guests. This is not farewell as they’re adjourning to the Gold Coast for some rest and relaxation, and they’re welcome to visit back anytime.

So today, across our organisation and the Qld Baptists Movement, we say thank you to and we honour Murray and Carolyn.

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