Team Dynamic Skills

Team Dynamic Skills

Team Dynamic Skills

What are the qualities of a good and effective team? What is the most valuable thing about being in a team? There are many possible answers to these questions, however, the value of team is truly something learned in action through having a positive team experience.

Children may start to learn teamwork skills within their home family context, the classroom, the sporting field, Scouts, or a club setting. All these contexts are great for developing teamwork, however, school camps present new opportunities for children to grow in their teamwork skills through sequenced outdoor education programs.

How Sequential Outdoor Education Programs Enhance Team:

Sequential outdoor education programs are constructed and planned in accordance with age and desired learning outcomes. The activities are planned and carried out in a sequence, meaning the structure of the activity predictably places students in situations where trained instructors know the students will need their team’s assistance to complete the activity. These activities build instances, one upon another, where progress requires teamwork.

One example of an activity that could be included in a sequenced structure for team development is the low ropes activity. The competitive, the polite, the passive, the extraverted, the introverted personality types all find themselves having to put aside their competitiveness or fears to break through the trust barrier. The recipe of success involves the ingredients of both self and others. To succeed, students come to the realization that they must make sure their classmate gets safely through the team activity, and conversely, students must rely on and trust their schoolmates to help to get them through the obstacles. Consequently, all involved are being intentionally guided towards that same end goal.

If you are looking to invest in your students with a positive experience of team that lasts a lifetime, get in touch with our expert outdoor education team today to discuss our Team Initiative program options.

Here’s a video of another team activity where students have to work together to build a bridge across a creek: