Free teacher Coffee School Camp Queensland

Teachers! The coffee’s on us

Campsite Cafe QueenslandTeachers place a high value on their school’s outdoor education and camping programs.  Many tell us it’s the best time they get to spend with their students – an opportunity to build both peer-level and teacher-student relationships.  They also say camp establishes an environment for out-of-the-ordinary experiences, which tend to be remembered more than experiences in ordinary settings.

Little wonder then that teachers invest so much time and energy to take their classes away on camps where they can have both a quality Outdoor Education experience and observe their class in setting outside of the everyday routine.

We see hundreds of teachers come through our sites each year and know the huge amount of organisation and effort it takes to organise and deliver a school camping program.  It’s why we do everything in our power to work in partnership with teachers to deliver a successful program, and to make their task as easy and enjoyable as possible.  It’s a lot of responsibility to bring a group of children away for several days, many of them having their first night away from their own homes and families.  Here’s a small sample:

Free teacher Coffee School Camp Queensland

I have found that when children do not have enough to eat, they succumb to homesickness and dissatisfaction. All the food was delicious and plentiful and the people with dietary requirements were well-catered for. The children and staff have all given the catering at QCCC a resounding BIG TICK of approval!

QCCC’s culture is one of continuous improvement, and we hope each returning group sees something different every year.  This year we’ve given a nod to the steady advance of café culture to introduce great coffee options to each site.  QCCC Brookfield’s kitchen enjoys a five-star safety rating from Brisbane City Council and now adds an automatic espresso machine for the enjoyment of teachers and weekend guests.

Our two sites at Mapleton and Brookfield have gone “all-in”, each establishing an onsite café so they can provide a steady stream of barista-made coffee.  Mapleton has teamed up with Maleny Milk and Montville Coffee to produce the ultimate Blackall Range beverage.  The appropriately titled “Camp Grounds Café” will adjust their opening hours according to the needs of groups staying onsite.  With the introduction of professionally made coffee onsite your caffeine-fix is assured.

Which brings us full circle to our teacher guests and their impressive commitment to camping programs.  To make each camp just that little bit easier the QCCC cafés will be offering free coffees to teachers during their stay with us.  We’ve put an end to the scurry downtown for a takeaway coffee – teachers can now enjoy their barista-made coffee on us.  We know you will enjoy!