Mountain Campus


294 Beds

4 Venues

50 Acres




QCCC started on the Gold Coast’s Tamborine Mountain in 1971, one of many partners with the neighbouring Mount Tamborine Convention Centre. Over the years QCCC has developed its own site, and assumed responsibility for neighbouring properties to create an innovative and flexible Gold Coast school camp venue.  Extensively renovated over the past decade, QCCC Tamborine offers modern accommodation, world-class catering and an extremely comfortable, versatile venue.  Twenty Outdoor Education activities have been added in the last five years making QCCC Tamborine a great option for your next Gold Coast group accommodation booking.



Located only 30kms from the Gold Coast and 70kms from Brisbane, QCCC Tamborine is an ideal place to breathe in fresh mountain air, take in breathtaking views, and enjoy the laid back country charm. The site has one of the best views available in Queensland with a sweeping 360 degree vista of Brisbane, Moreton Bay and the Scenic Rim Hinterland.  With access to 50 acres of land, QCCC’s partnership with Vertec Adventure provides more than twenty Outdoor Education activities, making it a sought-after destination for school and youth camps in Queensland.  QCCC Tamborine’s also specialises in Theme Park accommodation camps at nearby attractions on the Gold Coast.


There are 4 individual venues within the precinct that can be booked on an ‘exclusive’ or ‘shared site’ basis.

They can be booked individually or for large groups on a multi basis, from groups of minimum 20 up to 298 (and up to 500 utilising our neighbouring venues within the precinct).

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From our smallest meeting room that seats 20 guests to an auditorium built for over 600 guests, QCCC Tamborine has a variety of meeting rooms available to suit your group’s needs. Please contact the office if you require more information on the meeting rooms allocated to your group and the equipment provided. All groups are required to bring their own connection cables.


Complimentary high-speed Wifi is available across all QCCC Tamborine meeting rooms and units.

CapacityWifiWhite Board TV DVD Player Sound Bar Portable Microphone Projector Projector Screen Stage Folding Tables
WEC Centre Main Hall240-300use wallfixedx30
WEC Centre Chapel60-----fixedx2
CMS Centre Main Hall180-200portablex30
CMS Centre Small Hall60------x2
Tamborine Lodge Main Hall100--x20
Tamborine Lodge Small Hall20------
Pioneers Centre Main Hall70-x4



CapacityWifiWhite Board TV DVD Player Sound Bar Portable Microphone Projector Projector Screen Stage Folding Tables
QCCC Meeting Centre80-100-------
MTCC Auditorium600+------fixed
MTCC Youth Hut75---------



QCCC Tamborine is renowned for serving up delicious, wholesome meals thanks to our experienced catering team.

All groups at QCCC TAMBORINE will be fully catered for during their stay including breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper. Most special diet options can be requested (see SPECIAL DIET policy). Dining hall locations will depend on the venue(s) your group have booked

Please note that we do NOT allow any ‘self catering’or access to kitchen facilities at our venues.


Standard Mealtimes are:

BR – 7.30am, MT – 10.30am, L – 12.30pm, AT – 3pm, D – 6pm, S – 9pm

If you book a venue on an ‘exclusive basis’, you can in some instances opt for meals/snacks to be served at an alternate time to suit your program, however this MUST BE PREBOOKED 2 weeks in advance

ADDITIONAL CHARGES will apply should serving of Breakfast be required prior to 7am and/or Dinner after 6.30pm (please contact our office).


Groups that have booked exclusive use of a centre are able to customize their own menu from a variety of selections such as pizza, roast beef, lasagne, sticky date pudding, and scones with jam and cream to name a few. The MENU SELECTION forms are made available to group leaders approximately one month prior to camp.


If a guest is celebrating a birthday, whilst on camp, we can provide the following options (Both must be PRE BOOKED 7 DAYS PRIOR)

QCCC provide a single decorated birthday cake, extra to your catering package (approx. 12 standard portions) – Add $45. When selecting your menu, opt for ‘CAKE’ for either MT or AT – No extra charge/Portion for all guests (Our Catering staff will decorate it with a ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ message.


Our chefs can cater for a fairly wide variety of special diets and allergies. Group leaders must notify the Office of their group’s special dietary requirements TWO WEEKS prior to arrival using our STANDARD FORM – Click on this link.

STANDARD FOOD ALLERGENS – Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Gluten, Cows Milk (Lactose), Sesame, Fish/Shellfish, Eggs, Soy, Mammalian, Lupin

STANDARD SPECIAL DIETS – Vegetarian, Vegan, Celiac, No Red meat, No Pork, Halal, No Salicylates, (Pregnancy), No food colouring, No preservatives

Due to the complexity of some guests’ special catering requirements, guests may be required to provide their own food, which can be stored and prepared using the fridge and microwaves in the Dining Hall.

FOOD ALLERGIES/ANAPHYLAXIS – Guests who have suffered an anaphylactic reaction to certain foods are required to bring an up to date ASCIA Action Plan from their Doctor and have their EpiPen© kept with them at all times. Your camp leader and QCCC catering staff will require a copy of their ASCIA Action Plan.

**Dietary Coordinator – Each group is required to have a person designated as Dietary Coordinator who will liaise with QCCC Catering staff and also supervise each meal taken by guests to ensure they receive food without any allergins.

PLEASE NOTE: QCCC TAMBORINE is a NUT AWARE VENUE. Please inform all of your guests, not to bring any nut products on site.


Groups that have booked only part (or shared use) of a site – either WEC Centre, CMS Centre, or Tamborine Lodge – and so sharing dining with another group will NOT be able to choose their menu. Additionally, all standard meal times must be adhered to.


Introducing our coffee shop at QCCC Tamborine. Located between the WEC Centre and Tamborine Lodge, we serve barista made Di Bella coffee available to purchase at your next QCCC Tamborine camp. Opening hours vary and will depend on groups in-house. Opening hours will be displayed on the site’s noticeboard or can be requested from the kitchen staff. Please check with the office for more information and hours OR if you would especially like the café to be open for your guests to enjoy either before Breakfast and/or over morning tea time, please contact our office. A minimum charge may apply depending on your expected numbers. (For our Barista staffing, this MUST BE PREARRANGED 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE)

Coffees for teachers, leaders, volunteers, speakers or even an entire group can be billed back to a group’s invoice as long as the office is notified in advance.

SCHOOLS**All teachers attending camp receive complimentary barista made coffee at morning tea time.

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Vertec Adventure is our outdoor education provider and their highly qualified and dedicated instructors offer many activity options, making the most of the Gold Coast Hinterlands unique environment. Their activities are suitable for a wide variety of skill levels, age ranges and group types.

They would be happy to tailor a package to suit your expected guest numbers, age of the participants and the outcome you want to achieve.

Vertec Adventure’s activities include:

  • Archery
  • Big Group Games
  • Bush Master Chef (Firecraft and cooking)
  • Bushwalking/Bush Skills
  • Climbing Wall
  • Giant Swing (High Ropes)
  • Giant Ladder (High Ropes)
  • GPS Challenge
  • Leap of Faith (High Ropes)
  • Kayaking * (30 minutes offsite. Transport required)
  • Mountain Biking*
  • Orienteering
  • Rock Climbing*
  • Stranded (Survival Scenario using navigation, team building, leadership and critical thinking/problem solving skills)
  • Survivor Challenges (Team building challenges with a twist)
  • Team Building/Initiatives
  • Water Slide

All of these activities are an additional charge and must be pre booked through Vertec Adventure.

Please see their website for more information:

OR contact them at or phone 0403 293 533

The more sessions you book, the greater the discount (Up to 15%).


Because the venues at QCCC Tamborine are booked individually, not all of the following activities are open to all guests AT ALL TIMES

Please check which site you are staying at (see details on your BOOKING CONTRACT)

If unsure, please phone our office for clarification


  • Campfire Pit located on the QCCC Activities land, adjacent to the Pioneer Centre (must be prebooked by the office, groups must collect their own firewood etc).
  • Beach Volleyball (ball provided). This is situated 250m away from the QCCC venues and is only available during school term midweek days (must be PRE BOOKED).


  • Gaga Ball Pit – Ball provided (may need to be prebooked depending on other groups onsite)


  • Table Tennis (TT balls & bats provided)
  • Gaga Ball Pit – Ball provided (may need to be prebooked depending on other groups onsite)
  • Occasionally the Gaga Ball Pit can be booked by groups using our other venues (Please contact the office for details).


  • Basketball Hoop (Balls provided)
  • Table Tennis (TT balls & bats provided)
  • Campfire Pit (groups must collect their own firewood etc).





Cancellations – A minimum charge of 85% of the quoted price is applied to all bookings cancelled within 120 days prior to arrival.

Alcohol and Drugs – No alcohol or non-prescription drugs are to be brought or consumed on property.

Smoking – All buildings and courtyards are designated as smoke free.

Water – Due to our limited water supply on the mountain, we request that groups minimize their usage specifically in regard to activities. If a group would like to have a water slide or other water based activity, the office must be notified in advance and a water usage fee may apply.

Linen – All guests must bring their own linen including a bottom sheet unless a linen package is purchased.

Pets – In order to protect the natural environment, no animals or pets are permitted on the property except for guide dogs, in which case the office must be notified.

Fire & Safety Procedures:

  • No fire or BBQ may be lit on property without the consent of QCCC Staff.
  • It is illegal to tamper with the Fire Alarm system in anyway.
  • Mattresses must not be removed from beds.
  • Number of guests in rooms must not exceed the number of beds.
  • Access to doorways must not be blocked by bags / furniture.
  • Candles are NOT allowed on property.

Noise – All sites operate under a noise curfew between 10pm and 7am.

Daily Duties – All groups are required to perform the following:

  • Vacuum after each meal
  • Wipe down tables after each meal
  • Vacuum halls prior to departure
  • Vacuum and vacate cabins before 9am on departure day
  • Put all tables and chairs back in meeting hall prior to departure

Departure Time: All guests must vacate cabins by 9am on departure day. The meeting & dining halls must be vacated by the time in the contract.

Standard Meal Times:

  • Breakfast: 7:30am
  • Morning Tea: 10:30am
  • Lunch: 12:30pm
  • Afternoon Tea: 3pm
  • Dinner: 6pm
  • Supper: 9pm

Included in all QCCC Tamborine Main Halls:

– TV & DVD Player

– CD Player

– Portable Microphone

– Data Projector

– Projector Screen


WEC Sound System (only QCCC sound equipment can be used) – $100 per day

– 12 Channel Mackie CFX mixer with built-in reverb

– 2 x 15″ front of house opera speakers and 2 x 10″ monitor speakers

– 1 x 10″ speaker linked into dining area

– 2 handheld microphones (leads and stands included)

– 1 handheld cordless microphone (on request)


Please Note:

Leaders must indicate on the Final Details Form which equipment you want to book

– Groups must bring all of their own leads and cables


Linen Hire:

  • $35 Summer Set (1 Blanket, Pillow, Pillow Case, Towel, 2 Sheets)
  • $40 Winter Set (2 Blankets, Pillow, Pillow Case, Towel, 2 Sheets)

All linen must be pre booked 2 weeks prior to your arrival date.

DEPARTURE Cleaning Fee:

  • $150 – $180 Standard Fee (depending on the size of hall)
  • Craft groups – $180 full site and $100 shared site

This cleaning fee covers QCCC staff vacuuming only cabins and halls used by your group on your departure day

*During your camp, groups must still vacuum the dining area and wipe down tables after each meal*

All equipment (chairs/tables etc) must be stored accordingly and as found on your arrival

Day Visitor Fee: $6pp


For a copy of the current QCCC Tamborine Risk Assessment survey please contact the office.


We would love to show you around our beautiful centre and discuss the details of your camp with you. Site visits are available during normal business hours Monday to Friday, but bookings are essential as we might be hosting other camps. Please contact the office at 07 5545 1417 to make an appointment.




QCCC Tamborine is located in the mountain and temperatures tend to dip once the sun goes down even during the summer months. For the most up to date weather reports go to (Tamborine – 4272).


All QCCC Tamborine guests are required to bring:

  • Sleeping bag and/or blanket (bed linen is not provided)
  • Pillow
  • Single or King Single sheet (Tamborine Lodge & QCCC Cottage have King Single beds)
  • Towel

QCCC Tamborine’s suggested Camp Packing List:

  • Toiletries
  • Sneakers
  • Jumper / Rain Jacket
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Torch

If you are participating in activities with our Outdoor Education provider, Vertec Adventure, we also recommended that you bring the following items: 

  • Water bottle
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain jacket
  • Closed shoes (thongs and sandals are not allowed at activities, including water-based activities)
  • Suitable clothing – no skirts, short shorts or midriff tops. Shirts must have sleeves and be able to be tucked in. Clothes will get dirty.
  • Insect Repellent is also recommended.

*Please contact your group leader for a comprehensive packing list based on your group’s activities*


Please contact the office if you have left an item at camp – 07 5545 1417. If the item has been located, you are welcome to come to the office to collect it or send a self addressed stamped envelope or box to 255 Beacon Road North Tamborine, QLD 4272


Our chefs can accommodate for a variety of dietary requirements. If you or your child has an allergy, medical condition or special dietary requirement, please notify your group leader at least TWO weeks prior to arrival.

Other than fresh whole fruit, we do NOT provide morning tea, afternoon tea, or supper for guests with special diets; however you are welcome to bring your own snacks.

Please note: lifestyle choice diets (i.e. paleo, sports diets, etc) may not necessarily be catered for at QCCC facilities.


In an emergency if you need to contact a guest staying at QCCC Tamborine, please first contact their group leader. If you are unable to reach them, please contact the office at 07 5545 1417.




Tamborine Mountain’s lush forests and breathtaking scenery provides a great environment for many local attractions such as:

For the most detailed information about local Tamborine Mountain attractions, check out the Discover Tamborine website:



There is always plenty of excitement and adventure awaiting you on the Gold Coast.  Some of the area’s attractions include:

For more information on Gold Coast attractions go to the Gold Coast Tourism website:

QCCC Tamborine is located within 30 minutes of many of the major Theme Parks.  Contact our office for a competitive accommodation package for your group’s accommodation and meals.

Contact the Theme Parks direct for group and school prices for entry to the venues.

Need transport? Coach Hire is QCCC’s recommended bus company



(07) 5545 1417


    Our accommodation and catering packages are customised for every group and based on a number of factors including group size, dates, arrival and departure times, camp location, activities, year level etc. The more information you can provide us about your group, the better we are able to tailor a package to suit your requirements.  We specialise in Gold Coast School Camps, Retreats and Theme Park Accommodation for groups.

    Please contact us today for a quote.
    PLEASE NOTE: Our sites do not offer any self catering packages.
    For the safety of our guests we have a no alcohol and no pets on site policy.