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QCCC Mapleton / 21.11.2016

This week one of Sunshine Coast’s larger Outdoor Education facilities, Queensland Conference and Camping Centres (QCCC) Mapleton, commenced work on new accommodation facilities to cater to a growing waiting list of schools attempting to access their award-winning Outdoor Education programs. In the first significant redevelopment of the site in twenty-five years, the Baptist Union of Queensland is investing $300,000 to create a third accommodation block of fully ensuited rooms, a renovation of existing amenities blocks...

QCCC Tamborine / 24.02.2016

I’m a graduate of Townsville’s Kirwan State High School, back in the day when it was one of the largest State Schools in Queensland. In the early grades there were nearly 500 of us in each year level and even in Grade 12 we numbered more than 300. With the exception of some theme specific camps (eg Biology and Leadership Camps) the sheer size of each of our cohorts meant we were denied the opportunity...

Our Staff, QCCC Tamborine / 11.10.2011

[caption id="attachment_16274" align="alignright" width="300"]tamborine-fd-weekend Participants at the recent Father-daughter camp at Pioneers[/caption] A reflection from one of our staff members at QCCC Tamborine on why we do what we do. Hi everyone, Just have to share something quickly on the impacted me big time! As you know, the pressure was on for us to get the Pioneers site finished, and we were completely worn out by Friday night leading into Saturday. My Mum and her friend came to visit for Sunday Lunch and so I took them for a stroll around the camps on the Sunday morning, with the 3 groups on site.  We got to Pioneers and got chatting with Andrew and Darren from Fathering Adventures, in the hall.  I went outside to control our dog, who was with us, and a little girl from the Fathering Adventures camp, came to us to pat him.