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Our Staff, Packages, QCCC Brookfield / 21.12.2016

Brisbane School CamspiteQueensland Health has been recently been conducting exhaustive health and safety audits of Queensland school campsites prompted by a viral gastroenteritis outbreak at a Grade 4 camp at a competitor site, impacting 40 children.  Queensland Health are keen to establish school campsites are doing their utmost to prevent a recurrence of this episode. It has been gratifying for QCCC staff to be informed we're “best-practice” by Queensland Health officials, with QCCC’s commitment to excellence favourably compared to some of Queensland’s top resorts. In the last week it was the turn of our Brisbane Campsite, QCCC Brookfield, to be audited.  As expected, Brookfield received an excellent report.  This was of little surprise to the Brookfield staff given their participation in Brisbane City Council’s Eat Safe program which rates the health and safety of catering facilities by a star-rating system.
QCCC Brookfield / 06.09.2010

Food is a very important part of who we are at QCCC. It’s the fuel of life and many cherished human memories are made around the dinner table. It is a fantastic privilege for us to cater to people, to exercise hospitality and allow people to relax around a good meal without having to worry about the dishes afterwards. ...