New Horizons on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk

New Horizons on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk

QCCC is opening the glories of the Sunshine Coast Great Walk to school and corporate groups.  Queensland Conference and Camping Centres (QCCC) has recently confirmed permits and the use of overnight camping locations to offer a stunning new journey-based program in the Hinterland.

The Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk wraps around QCCC Mapleton, the base for QCCC’s Expeditions programs. Gorges, waterfalls, rock pools, scenic views, warm subtropical rainforest and tall open eucalypt forest feature on this Great Walk through Kondalilla, Mapleton Falls and Mapleton national parks. Wildlife recorded in this area includes more than 100 species of birds, about 70 reptile species and more than 30 frog species.

QCCC has recently secured an increased permit for the area from the National Parks and Wildlife Service as well as the lease of the former Scout Camp on Kondalilla Falls Road from Sunshine Coast Regional Council. By combining this with camping and glamping options at their recently purchased farm in Mapleton, the expedition potential of this Great Walk for groups can be realised.

The Great Walk’s multiple access points offer diverse walking opportunities on its 58km of trail.  Stretching from Baroon Pocket to Gheerulla one of the defining characteristics of the area is its Aboriginal heritage, incorporating the scene of one of the ancient Bunya Festivals and the trails used to access it.  QCCC Mapleton is the home of the Triballink Cultural Centre which offers Cultural Awareness training and corroboree and dining experiences.

QCCC’s Director, Andrew Grant, described the potential of the new expedition format:

“The rainforest areas of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland are world class but often overlooked.  This expedition trail takes groups past stunning waterfalls and swimming holes and through some significant historical areas.  The trail is very accessible for us and groups are always within 10km of the resource provided by our expeditions’ base of operations”.

Sunshine Coast Hinterland School Camp

QCCC can custom make journey-based programs depending on the size of the group and the age of participants.  Highlights of the expeditions include exclusive camping and glamping areas with wet-weather backup, the option to include an authentic Aboriginal Cultural experience at Triballink or access to QCCC Mapleton’s twenty Outdoor Education options. 

QCCC Director, Andrew Grant, suggests his organisation is committed to achieving learning outcomes through quality Outdoor Education experiences. 

“Richard Louv’s book Last Child in the Woods describes the onset of nature deficit disorder as children become increasingly disconnected from their natural environment.  Our goal is to teach respect and passion for the environment through providing positive interaction with nature in our programs.  QCCC’s teaching methods are tactile and memorable and focused on team building and positive relationships. 

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This expedition is a world class offering which is both challenging and affordable for groups to see a stunning and little explored part of Queensland.  The Sunshine Coast is already established as a significant national hub of Outdoor Education, made possible by a wide range of Outdoor Education Centres and program options which make the most of the region’s natural assets.  The Coast’s outdoor education facilities cater to an estimated 200,000 guests annually, including interstate and international groups.