Sleeping Bags versus Sheets and Blankets

The Sleeping Bag versus Sheets and a Blanket – The Great Camping Dilemma

sleeping bags

It is an age-old argument when preparing for camp, do I pack a sleeping bag or take single sheets and a blanket?

The sleeping bag is easy to just roll up and take with your luggage, whereas sheets and blankets make you feel a bit more snuggly and give you more space to move in bed but have to fit into the luggage.

However, sleeping bags can be expensive and do need to be cared for when cleaning. Whereas single sheets and blankets can be picked up cheaply these days.

So what is the better option for camping at QCCC you ask?

Well, it really comes down to two things, your budget and comfort preference. If you have the budget and the means to purchase a good sleeping bag, and can see the value in it being used again in the future, then yes it may be a worthwhile investment. However, if you prefer extra comfort, or don’t see a need for yourself to use a sleeping bag again in the future, then pack single sheets and a blanket. Flannelette sheets are also a great idea in the colder months.

Here are some helpful tips around this age-old argument.

If you’re a sheets and blanket person:

  1. Pick up some vacuum storage bags and vac pack your blankets and sheets before you leave home to save space in your luggage.
  2. Where possible, try showering before jumping into bed, keeps the sheets fresher for longer.
  3. When you get home from camp, don’t leave the sheets in the bag for too long or they could get mouldy if still damp from camp.

If you’re a sleeping bag person:

  1. Where possible, try to shower before and wear clean clothes when you sleep in the sleeping bag. Any personal smell and dirt mean you may have to wash your sleeping bag more often.
  2. When you wake up in the morning, open up the sleeping bag so that it can air out. Our bodies often sweat during the night in our sleeping bags, and some materials don’t soak up the moisture or dry well without a good airing out.
  3. Some sleeping bags require delicate care when washing. So hand washing in the bathtub might be a good option over the rougher washing machine. Always follow the care tag on your respective sleeping bag, however, some may recommend using a detergent-free soap depending on the material the sleeping bag is made with.


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