Sequential School Camp Programs

Queensland’s best sequential programs

Sequential School Camp ProgramsThe concept of “sequential school camp” programs have established a foothold in the consciousness of many schools over the last decade.  With a lot of schools running camping programs from Grade 3 right through to Year 12 it can be a mammoth task to find an operator capable of offering a program with sufficient variety and quality.  No two schools are the same and each school wants different outcomes and has different needs.

With four campsites in its stable and a journey-based program, QCCC is one of the largest operators of Queensland school camps and Outdoor Education programs.  Many schools use all of QCCC’s sites and programs for their camps.  The attraction of a sequential program is the ability to tailor a unique sequence of camp and expedition events to achieve individual school outcomes and build on each event, year by year.  QCCC’s sites are sufficiently differentiated and individually run, to give the impression of difference for students, but for school coordinators, they are still working with a provider capable of providing a large vision for their investment in Outdoor Education.

Aboriginal School Camps QueenslandQCCC has found the best process to partner with schools is to consult with them through the provision of a process we call “appreciative enquiry”.  QCCC enjoys great relationships with other camp operators.  It enables us to meet with school leadership teams to discuss the entirety of a school’s Outdoor Education and camping program, posing several diagnostic questions.

The aim is to provide the space for the school leadership to determine their vision and outcomes for their investment in Outdoor Education and clarify what they are happy with, and where they want change.  After this enquiry process, the leadership is provided with a “sequential education proposal” which may include QCCC sites and programs, but will also include suggestions of Sequential School Camps QLDother sites and operator options.  Where the school has indicated its satisfaction with another provider at any year level, it is generally retained.

Appreciative Enquiry allows QCCC and other operators to understand the needs and desires of your school camping program and fitting our range of venues, activities, and programs to create a suggested program to suit your requirements.  If you’d like an appreciative enquiry consultancy, please don’t hesitate to contact us.