We are open for business!

We are open for business!

School camps may have been suspended for Queensland Schools until the 4th March 2022, however, QCCC sites are still open for COVID safe camping and hosting groups.

Queensland Health Public Health Directions:
Queensland Health considers Outdoor Education facilities as short-term accommodation in its Public Health Directions.  The current advice in the Public Health and Social Measures linked to vaccination status Direction (No. 2) is short-term accommodation providers are operational and QCCC venues are accordingly hosting groups.

 Queensland Health Preparing for and managing Covid-19 in School Plan:
The Queensland Government’s “Preparing for and managing COVID-19 in Schools Plan” (released 3rd February 2022) indicates school camps will be suspended until 4th March.

QCCC is deeply disappointed at this decision by the State Government to suspend school camps in Queensland. In stark contrast, other state governments around the country have been supportive of school camps proceeding as normal with the return of students to school for the year.

It is the Outdoor Education Industry’s assumption school camps will resume on and after 5th March.  Our operational and contractual policy for school camps will be informed by the Queensland Health Public Health Directions applicable to our operations, observing the Covid Safe Checklist. QCCC’s normal cancellation policies will apply to school camps booked on or after 5th March.

Across all QCCC sites, we pride ourselves on our COVID safe operations planning to ensure our guests have the best and safest experience during their camp. We look forward to the return of schools to our sites after March 4th. Our friendly team is available to discuss your 2022 bookings and how we can make your camping experience the best ever.


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