Queensland Outdoor Education Expeditions


Queensland Outdoor Education Expeditions

The steamboat which kicked off QCCC’s Expeditions programs in Moreton Bay

QCCC’s work with several Aboriginal groups has given us a deeper understanding of the ancient ways of our continent.  Our Aboriginal brethren are this country’s original Outdoor Education – their entire survival depended upon passing on the wisdom vital to the stewardship of their natural environment.  In the words of one of them – “this country is literally connected by ancient stories (songs actually) that were essential for effective and respectful travel.”
Effective Outdoor Education requires a deep and abiding connection to the land.  You see this when you look at the extent of the Outdoor Education industry in Queensland – the domain of many long-term operators who have flourished directly from the Queensland community, with a deep and abiding connection to their State.

School and Education Camps in Queensland at the Gold Coast

Investing in the next generation of Queenslanders

It’s this commitment which probably differentiates Queenslanders from profit-driven interlopers who attempt to establish a foothold in our proud State.  Most of us have grown up in Queensland, gone to our schools, know what it’s like to survive and thrive in this fine land, and we’re committed to nurturing the next generation.

QCCC traces its origins back to 1927 when we ran our first expedition, a steamboat adventure in Moreton Bay.  Over the last 90 years our forebears have operated facilities across the State, catering to well over a million people.  Our sites are responsible for changed lives and the venue where many of our State’s families first ignited the spark of love.  Like many other Queensland operators, we’re proudly not-for-profit, meaning the income we generate creates jobs, helps our suppliers and whatever is left gets wisely re-invested back into the community. None of the money we generate leaves Queensland or goes to foreign shareholders.

Progressive Queensland operators also like to work together.  There is not a culture of competition, but one of cooperation.  It’s not unusual for multiple operators to come together to build comprehensive sequential programs for their clients.  Like our all-conquering State of Origin side, the Queensland Outdoor Education industry is built on patriotism and mateship.

Queensland, be proud.  Your Outdoor Education industry is in local, careful and committed hands.