CAMPFIRE Internship – Investing in Queensland youth

CAMPFIRE Internship – Investing in Queensland youth

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The 2018 intake at Kondallila Falls

QCCC has been running expeditions and campsites in Queensland for more than ninety years and our parent body, Queensland Baptists, has been assisting Queensland communities since 1855.   We are not answerable to foreign shareholders and investors who have no connection or emotional investment to our slice of paradise.

Twice in the last five years QCCC has been given the industry’s highest accolade – the Awards for Institutional and Individual excellence in Outdoor Education.  Our activities and facilities are important but our most important asset is our staff.

Outdoor Education Internship QueenslandIf we are to maintain our success and grow a pipeline of qualified and dedicated staff is essential.  QCCC’s CAMPFIRE Internship is currently the only on-the-job training apprenticeship in Outdoor Education offered in Queensland.  Tens of thousands of Queenslanders come through our site annually and many of them admire our instructors and want to follow in their footsteps.  The CAMPFIRE Internship is the way to do it.

Some competitor sites rely on gap-year tourists and international work-experience students to bolster their programs to domestic schools – a stance difficult to justify given the elevated levels of unemployment amongst Queensland’s youth.  CAMPFIRE provides a pathway to high quality training and a lifelong career in Outdoor Education, hospitality, maintenance and the activities and performances of the Triballink Centre.

QLD School Campsite

The 2017 intake after one year of training!

As part of our agreement with the Jinibara People Aboriginal Corporation (JPAC), native title claimants for Mapleton, one place is reserved for Jinibara youth annually.  The internship is delivered using our own trainers in partnership with a Queensland-registered training organisation.

As a proudly not-for-profit organisation we can do nothing else but invest the success we have back into the State from which we’ve grown.  Your patronage keeps Queenslanders’ money in Queensland, and invests in the future of our youth and communities.