QCCC’s R1202 pilot

QCCC’s R1202 pilot

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QCCC is piloting now a new concept we hope will become the backbone theme of our programs from 2011 onwards, across our three camp sites at Mapleton, Tamborine and Brookfield (Brisbane). The working title for the concept is “R1202“, a reference to the biblical Romans 12:02:

Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within.”

Also known as “The Hand” we believe the R1202 theme will enable us to partner with visiting groups to reflect on the key attributes and values required for a successful life.

As it is developed we will make it a flexible tool that can fit the objectives and outcomes of each group who visits us. We will also develop resources so that the lessons learned from R1202 on camp can last long after it concludes.

R1202 will become the major tool used by QCCC in our teaching and service to clients.  Our staff have identified approximately 70 object lessons that can be drawn from R1202 using colours, fingers and other concepts.


R1202 – Something that forms the basis of staff conduct and relationships.

R1202 has the ability to be tailored to meet the objectives and outcomes of the majority of guest groups and will also form the basis of QCCC staff conduct and relationships – the best form of teaching is by example.

In 2011 R1202 will be visible at our Centres and as our staff grow in confidence the hand will be a reference point for de-briefs and an ever-present visual part of the 2011 camping experience. We’d value feedback and ideas to strengthen the concept and are open to all ideas.

And as R1202 grows we’ll keep it updated here!