Thanks to the Jobkeeper program our staff are starting to come back to work at each of our sites.  The purpose of the Jobkeeper Allowance is to keep Australians in work at their current workplace and for employers to lay the foundations for a stronger national economic recovery once the Coronavirus crisis passes. 

In QCCC’s case this allows us to re-engage staff in the essential tasks required to operate, maintain, continue and guarantee the swift and improved recovery of QCCC’s operations.  We are going to use this time to get around to all the tasks we always wish we had time to do.  We will re-imagine our venues and look to make them an even better experience for every guest who will come to us once we can re-open.  And we’ll use it to bring new activities and experiences. 

We think after months of social isolation there will be a real appetite (pun intended) to get back on camp to re-build community and restore relationships.  We’ll be ready and can’t wait to have you back.  #qldoutdooreducation #qldschoolcamps #rebuilding #restoring