Why QCCC Brookfield is Perfect for your next Brisbane School Camp

5 Reasons Why QCCC Brookfield is Perfect for your next Brisbane School Camp.

If you’re looking for the perfect spot for your next Brisbane school camp, look no further than QCCC Brookfield. Here are five (of many) reasons why we think QCCC Brookfield is the perfect venue for your next Brisbane school camp:

1. Convenient Location:

QCCC Brookfield is located approximately 30 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD, making it the perfect spot for a quick and easy school camp. Whilst being in close proximity to the CBD, the QCCC Brookfield site is situated in a peaceful and picturesque location, surrounded by beautiful Australian bushland. The Brookfield location is also a great launching pad for schools taking day trips to attractions such as Aussie World, Australia Zoo, Queensland Museum & Science Centre, Port of Brisbane, and Southbank Parklands.

2. Facilities:

QCCC Brookfield boasts a wide range of facilities, including accommodation for up to 124 guests, a large dining hall, a swimming pool, sports courts, and meeting rooms to suit your breakout activities. With so many options available, you’ll be able to design a camp program that meets the unique learning needs and interests of your students. First-class on-site catering also means hassle-free meals for our guests. As part of the Eat Safe Brisbane program, QCCC Brookfield’s kitchen was rewarded with a Five Star Rating in Brisbane City Council’s Eat Safe Program in January 2022

3. Experienced Staff:

Affordable Brisbane School Camp

The staff at QCCC Brookfield are highly experienced in running school camps and are dedicated to ensuring that your students have a safe, enjoyable,

and educational experience. They will work with you to tailor your camp program to meet your specific requirements. QCCC Brookfield is a nationally accredited NARTA campsite.

4. Educational Activities:

QCCC Brookfield offers a range of educational activities that are designed to complement the school curriculum. These activities are provided through QCCC Brookfield’s outdoor education partner, Vertec Adventure. Vertec offers numerous activities that include, archery, portable rock climbing, orienteering, big group games to name just a few (read more here).

5. Affordable:

School camps can be expensive, but QCCC Brookfield offers affordable packages that won’t break the bank. Enquire with our team about current packages.

If you have time for a chat or phone call with one of our friendly team, we would love to share so many more reasons why QCCC Brookfield is the perfect venue for your next Brisbane school camp. With its convenient location, excellent facilities, experienced staff, educational activities, and affordable prices, it’s no wonder that so many schools choose to hold their camps here.