QCCC and the Queensland floods

QCCC and the Queensland floods


The QCCC Mapleton swinging bridge – high above the floods of 11 January 2011

With South East Queensland devastated by heavy rainfall and flooding in recent days we stand in solidarity with the rest of our State and echo the sentiments of our Premier, Anna Bligh, that we will join with our fellow Queenslanders to overcome this adversity.

We are relieved to say that this extreme weather event has had a minimal impact on our three sites.  In Brisbane QCCC Brookfield is located significantly higher than the flood line.  For a few hours in the heaviest of rain on Tuesday 11th the main road into QCCC Brookfield, Gold Creek Road, was cut by a creek in spate but it quickly subsided.  QCCC Brookfield is accessible even now as flooding rages down the Brisbane River and has suffered no adverse effects.

Some of the heaviest rain fell over the Sunshine Coast Hinterland where QCCC Mapleton is situated.  However Mapleton is high on the Blackall Range and apart from a few hours where water rose above the front gate, the rain water quickly sloughed away down the many creeks that run off the high ground.  At all times the Centre was fully accessible from the Mapleton Town Centre and apart from a few quickly dealt with landslips the roads to and along the Blackall Range remained open.  The waterfall at QCCC Mapleton was a wonderful sight when in full and powerful flow.



The waterfall at QCCC Mapleton 11th January 2011

QCCC Tamborine was providing accommodation for the CMS Summer School and catering for 600 people over the length of the extreme weather event.  The roads to North Tamborine were periodically cut in the heaviest rain but the creeks at the foot of Tamborine Mountain rise and fall very quickly.  QCCC Tamborine is fully accessible at present and also came through unscathed.

Despite the extreme weather all three sites came through well and were fully operational at all times.  Mapleton is currently hosting the summer family holiday program and when the rain was at its heaviest the activities were simply moved indoors – the climbing wall, archery and games in the hall are all good options in the rain.

We’re conscious of the prayers of many for us and for the State of Queensland and we’re grateful for them.  Thank you for your support now and in the future as Queensland rebuilds from this disaster.