Outdoor Leadership Internship Launches at QCCC Tamborine


Outdoor Education Internship launches at QCCC Tamborine

Last week we were thrilled to welcome QCCC Tamborine’s first-ever interns! Our team are all looking forward to getting to know their new team-mates and working alongside each one of them. Queensland Conference and Camping Centres are Queensland’s leading provider of outdoor education. Outdoor education and camping are our passions! By the end of their traineeships, our interns will have not only completed a Certificate III in Outdoor Leadership but will also have learnt from the best in the business. A warm welcome aboard to Bailey, Zach and Channah!

In 2022 our second-year interns and trainees at all QCCC sites, and all of the first-year interns, will be participating in QB’s Project 11 program.  In total QCCC hopes to sign up nearly 20 participants in Project 11’s inaugural year.

QCCC Director, Andrew Grant, is excited about what Project 11 will add to the internship:

“QCCC’s Internship is all about discipleship in modern, missional ministry with a focus on experiential and outdoor education – recognising there’s a lot of it in the Bible, and particularly Jesus’ ministry.  There’s a saying ‘discipleship is caught, not taught’, but we think it’s actually both.  Project 11 is going to add so much to the “taught” part of our ministry discipleship, giving a well-designed and intentioned pathway of spiritual formation, and importantly sharing that journey with so many people in our QB churches across the State. Furthermore, QCCC Tamborine’s internship is going to be enhanced by a close partnership between QCCC and the Crosslife campuses on the Gold Coast.  This collaboration will see a growing interchange of staff involvement between QCCC and Crosslife and a mutual pipeline of opportunity between the churches and QCCC’s ministry – with QCCC interns getting involved in church programs and young people from the church getting increasing opportunity for employment with QCCC”, said Andrew.


QCCC internships are truly an opportunity for those who wish to not only gain work experience and a qualification in outdoor leadership but also an opportunity to integrate faith and work. Learning about whole-life discipleship and how faith plays a big role in how we carry out the work of our hands and in all areas of life.