Outdoor Games

Big Camp, Big Games, Big Fun

Do you remember those times when your class combined with other classes in your year level to play a massive game of ‘Red Rover’ on the school oval? You had to be quick and smart about crossing to the other side of the oval. However, the fastest runner was not always the most likely to win. ‘Red Rover’ is what we would call a “big game” where a large group gathers to play in a large open space such as our oval at QCCC Mapleton, or the inner quadrangle at QCCC Tamborine. Big games are perfect for larger camps such as school camps, youth camps, church camps, and school holiday camps.

Big games can also be a team-building and relationship-building exercise for all camping groups. One example is a game called “tribal wars” where we divide a group into at least two teams who engage in a water fight/battle. Soft (but wet) sponges are drawn and hurled toward opposition lines, and you are eliminated from the battle if an in-flight sponge contacts you. At the end of the allocated time, the team with the most people still in the game, wins.

Big games like “Tribal Wars” are highly popular with kids as it is a great activity to play to bring a team dynamic together, and get saturated in the process.

Here’s a quick video highlights reel of the sponge battle game played on our Mapleton oval: