New Outdoor Education Instructor Uniforms

Our Outdoor education instructors at QCCC have brand-new uniforms, and we think they are pretty special. So we thought we would share a bit about the background of the unique new design.

mapleton outdoor education outdoor education instructor qccc outdoor education instructor

The partnership between QCCC Mapleton and Triballink Cultural Activity Centre has resulted in the creation of exciting new instructor shirts that embody the spirit of reconciliation, cultural diversity, and adventure both organisations are known for. These unique shirts not only serve as a symbol of unity between the two organisations but also reflect their shared values of advocating reconciliation while promoting cross-cultural understanding and appreciation for nature.

The design of the new instructor shirts showcases a fusion of traditional Indigenous artwork and contemporary outdoor adventure themes. Jess, a talented artist from Triballink has skilfully incorporated elements that represent the rich heritage of the Kabi Kabi and Jinibara people, incorporating the flora and fauna of Mapleton using vibrant colours. These elements are seamlessly integrated with symbols of outdoor activities such as carabiners and the organisational logos, signifying the connection between nature and culture.

Beyond their striking appearance, the instructor shirts hold a deeper significance. They symbolize the commitment of QCCC Mapleton and Triballink Cultural Activity Centre to promote cultural exchange and mutual learning. As instructors proudly don these shirts during activities and events, they communicate a message of inclusivity and respect for Indigenous traditions, bridging the gap between Indigenous communities and participants.

Moreover, the partnership between QCCC Mapleton and Triballink demonstrates the power of collaboration in fostering meaningful relationships and creating positive change. By working together, the two organisations have opened up new opportunities for cross-cultural activities, workshops, and educational experiences that promote intercultural understanding among participants.

The new instructor shirts at QCCC Mapleton, in partnership with Triballink Cultural Activity Centre, represent more than just stylish apparel. They are a testament to the beauty of cultural diversity, the strength of collaboration, and the significance of promoting cross-cultural awareness. These shirts not only bring pride to instructors who wear them but also serve as a powerful symbol of unity, respect, and appreciation for the Jinibara and Kabi Kabi people of the Sunshine Coast, and the great outdoors.