Music Camps 2024

Across our four campsites, we regularly have the pleasure of hosting groups of amazing and talented musicians from all over Queensland who come together for music camps or retreats. These music camps and retreats are opportunities for groups of musicians and orchestras to gather together for not only some focused and uninterrupted practice sessions, but also a time for relationship and community building.

Here are some of the key factors why music groups and orchestras choose to hold music camps at QCCC:

music camps 2023

  1. Hassle-free on-site accommodation and amazing catering are important to our music camp clients. Being able to establish practice sessions where meals, sleep, and coffee is right there on-site means greater value in the usage of time.
  2. Peaceful and tranquil environments are key to having relaxed musicians. With our sites located in such beautiful and tranquil surroundings, it makes the time away a relaxing time where the atmosphere brings out the best in musicians. With Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and Brisbane locations, we have options that suit your travel needs.
  3. Space is a major factor that is key for music camps. Having practical space for groups of musicians, or an orchestra, to set up instruments and equipment is a must. Across our four sites, we have multiple options of rooms and halls available to suit different group size needs for rehearsals.
  4. Convenience and accessibility are major factors in the popularity of our venues for music and band camps. Brookfield’s urban location means Brisbane schools can book their music groups and juggle sporting and other Saturday commitments with ease.  Mapleton and Tamborine have large auditoriums for parents to attend end-of-camp concerts.
  5. Lastly, affordability. Our music camp clients appreciate the affordability of our great service and convenient accommodation. Such affordability helps ease the burden of costs for members to participate and greater retention.

So if you need space to create beautiful music for your next music camp or music retreat, chat with our team about our facilities and how you can go about planning your music camp. Our team can help give you some suggestions on activities to add to your camp schedule to help unlock creativity and community. Contact us here.