Current operational and contractual status

School Camp Covid Status QLD

QCCC’s Operational and Contractual policies are informed by the official, published Public Health Directions advice from Queensland Health regarding our operations as a “short-term accommodation provider”.

Current status: 

Short-term accommodation providers are permitted to operate.  Schedule 1 in the most recent Queensland Health Business Undertakings, Activities and Undertakings Direction #26 (25th August 2021) and Restrictions for Impacted Areas (Updated 20th August 2021) both allow short-term accommodation operators to continue to remain open, explicitly mentioning Outdoor Education providers within this category of open businesses.  These advices are constantly monitored by QCCC staff to ensure venues are operating in compliance with the latest applicable directions.

All Bookings after on and after 4pm Friday 20th August:

The Queensland Public Health Direction suggests group bookings can take place at Short-term Accommodation Venues operating with a Covid-Safe Checklist, which is the case at all QCCC venues.  If a booking is cancelled unilaterally by a school and/or group, and subsequently the QCCC venue is not in lockdown for the dates of the booking, QCCC’s normal terms and conditions regarding cancellation will apply.

QCCC’s Operational Policy explained:

Outdoor Education Providers are classified by Queensland Health as a ‘short term accommodation’ provider, and will operate according to the prevailing public health directions for restricted businesses – short term accommodation, adhering to the Chief Health Officers Public Directions/Restrictions (eg facemasks).