QCCC’s COVID19 FAQs will be updated as each new guidance arrives.  The most recent FAQs can be downloaded here.

QCCC COVID FAQs: QCCC Covid FAQs – Updated 15 November 2021

Industry and Health Management Plans

Individual Health Management Plans for each QCCC Venue have been developed and are available for download below.

QCCC Brookfield: QCCC Brookfield Health Management Plan (July 21 update)

QCCC Mapleton: QCCC Mapleton Health Management Plan (July 21 update)

QCCC Tamborine: QCCC Tamborine Health Management Plan (July 21 update)

Noosa Outdoor Education Centre: NOEC Health Management Plan (July 21 update)

(Plans last updated to reflect Restrictions on Business, Activities & Undertakings Direction Number 24).


To prevent co-mingling between different schools, the successful Zone system which operated successfully throughout 2020 can be re-instated when multiple schools are at the QCCC Mapleton and Tamborine venues.

QCCC Mapleton Zone Map: QCCC Mapleton Zones Map – Covid Safe 2021

QCCC Tamborine Zone Map: QCCC Tamborine COVID Zones Map


QCCC COVID Safe Checklist – Restricted Businesses (Impacted Areas – post 8th October 2021): QCCC – Covid Safe Checklist Oct21

COVID Operating Guidelines for QLD Schools: Access here

Information and Forms for Group Leaders

Information for Group Leaders and COVID Declarations for Group Leaders and Camp Participants to sign can be downloaded from here:

Group Organiser Information (School Groups only): QCCC Group Organisers COVID Info (School Groups 210715)

Group Organiser Information (non-school groups): QCCC Group Organisers COVID Info (Non-School Groups 210715)

Group Leader Declaration Form: Group Leader Declaration – July21

Participant Declaration Template: QCCC Participant Declaration Form (March 21 Update)

(Forms updated to include requirement Participants can’t come on camp if they have returned from a declared Interstate Hotspot within the last 14 days)

Indicative QCCC Bunk Bed Configurations: Indicative QCCC Bunk Bed Configurations

Outdoor Education COVID Operating Procedures – QCCC Mapleton/Triballink/NOEC/Expeditions: QCCC Mapleton Outdoor Education SOPs – 13 November Update

Outdoor Education COVID Operating Procedures – Tamborine & Brookfield: QCCC Tamborine_Brookfield Outdoor Education SOPs – 16 November Update

COVID Safety Officer Certification: Certificate of Completion – Return to Play Officer

QCCC Certificate of Currency – Public Liability: QCCC Public Liability – Certificate of Currency 2021-22