QCCC’s COVID19 FAQs will be updated as each new guidance arrives.  The most recent FAQs can be downloaded here.


(Updated 29th June 2020)

Industry and Health Management Plans

Individual Health Management Plans for each QCCC Venue have been developed and are available for download below.

QCCC Brookfield: QCCC Brookfield Health Management Plan (25 June Update)

QCCC Mapleton: QCCC Mapleton Health Management Plan (22 June Update)

QCCC Tamborine: QCCC Tamborine Health Management Plan (22 June Update)

Noosa Outdoor Education Centre: NOEC Health Management Plan (25 June update)

(Plans last updated 25 June 2020)

QLD Outdoor Education Industry COVID-SAFE Plan: Approved Outdoor Education COVIDSafePlan – 3 July 2020

QLD Tourism & Accommodation Industry COVID-SAFE Plan: qld-tourism-and-accommodation-covid-safe-plan

QLD Health Guidelines for accommodation cleaning: QLD Health guidelines

COVID Operating Guidelines for QLD Schools: Covid Operating Guidelines (QLD Schools) 19 June 2020

Information and Forms for Group Leaders

Information for Group Leaders and COVID Declarations for Group Leaders and Camp Participants to sign can be downloaded from here:

Group Organiser Information: QCCC Group Organisers COVID Info

Group Leader Declaration Form: QCCC Group Leader Declaration Form

Group Leader Participant Declaration Template: QCCC Participant Declaration Template

Indicative QCCC Bunk Bed Configurations: Indicative QCCC Bunk Bed Configurations

QCCC Mapleton COVID Zones Map: QCCC Mapleton COVID Zones Map

QCCC Mapleton COVID Zones Map: QCCC Tamborine COVID Zones Map

(QCCC Brookfield and Noosa Outoor Education Centre not required to operate with a Zone system)

Outdoor Education COVID Operating Procedures – QCCC Mapleton: COVID Outdoor Ed SOPs QCCC Mapleton

Outdoor Education COVID Operating Procedures – Other Sites: QCCC COVID Outdoor Ed SOPs