FAQs for QCCC in the Covid Period – Updated 8 May 2020

FAQs will be updated as each new guidance arrives from Government Health Authorities

Are your venues open? No.  QCCC facilities closed when Federal Health officials ordered the closure of Recreation Centres, effective 25th March, to help prevent the spread of Covid19.

When will your venues re-open? At this point in time this is not known, though there has been recent media speculation Recreation Centres will be allowed to re-open sometime in June.  QCCC is committed to working with authorities and our clients to minimise the spread and impact of the Covid-19 virus and therefore monitoring advices from health officials daily. 

Do you have staff at your venues? Eligible staff are on the Jobkeeper program and each QCCC site has essential staff to maintain and upkeep facilities, liaise with client groups and have the sites ready to resume operations, in consultation with health authorities, within a 48-hour period. 

What approach are you taking with future bookings? QCCC is adopting a wait-and-see” approach to all bookings held for Term 3 and 4 and taking bookings on a tentative basis for both terms.  We have relaxed our normal cancellation policy to allow groups to leave a decision on their booking to as late as possible. 

Can your venues operate with social distancing? We were doing so successfully before the shutdown order of 25th March.  Staff at each site are implementing a contingency plan for operations within the social distancing measures which will apply at the time of each camp in the second half of 2020.   

What extra provisions have you taken for social distancing in rooms and indoor spaces? All rooms and common areas have been measured to clarify their capacity to operate within prevailing social distancing ratios.  We also have the option to book additional rooms at neighbouring venues to spread guests out and/or to provide tent camping with individual tents or swags.  We will prioritise the use of ensuited rooms where available (QCCC Brookfield is fully ensuited). 

What extra provisions have you taken with additional cleaning to prevent the spread of Covid? Each site has a team of fulltime, professional cleaners implementing a best-practice, three stage Covid-relevant cleaning regime for spot clean, full clean and infectious clean (if required), developed with our aged-care partner.  Hand sanitiser is available throughout each venue, along with signage to promote hygiene.  Contingency plans in place for increased cleaning and sanitation of ablution areas. 

What extra provisions have been taken with your catering? We are establishing multiple food service areas to aide social distancing and switching to single use cutlery and drinking containers and adding meals which can be eaten individually by hand to the menu.  We encourage all guests to bring their own water bottles to use at the water stations at our sites.  Hand sanitiser is available at each food station and throughout the site, along with signage to promote hygiene.    

What extra provisions have you taken with your Outdoor Education activities? We are conducting a process of review of all Outdoor Education activities, cancelling ones where it’s difficult to stop cross-contamination, incorporating sanitising into ones where it can be used, and creating new activities which have a social distancing component inbuilt. 

What else can you do to prevent the spread of Covid? Each venue has large outdoor grounds (20-55 acres) full of sunshine and fresh country air to use for recreation and outdoor meetings.  Our multiple meeting spaces and common areas will all be utilised to spread groups out across the venue as much as possible.  All our sites have made significant recent investment in covered outdoor spaces which will be used as much as possible. 

What about pools at your venues? We will follow government guidance for public swimming pools and only make them available for the use of guests when public swimming pools can re-open. 

What other measures are you taking? Touchless thermometers have been purchased for each site to monitor temperatures of staff and guests (if required).  The health and safety of our guests has always been our number one priority and we’ve compiled a professional, capable and committed team to deliver best-practice operations.  Many of the measures suggested to prevent the spread of disease have been standard practice at QCCC sites for years. 

If you have any further questions or specific requests about your booking, or making a booking, please contact staff at each of our sites. Site contact details can be found here: https://www.qccc.org.au/contact-us/