Free Coffee for School Teachers on School Camps

The story of coffee at QCCC


free coffee for teachers on school camps

Have you heard the news? That’s right, FREE coffee for teachers on school camps at QCCC! At QCCC we understand that coffee is important to our guests and therefore an important part of the hospitality experience. Many Australians have their favourite bean or brew that they may stick to religiously. Many Australians also appreciate the personal touch that their local café has to their service by knowing you by name, and perhaps the barista has memorised your regular order.

Guests come to QCCC and stay for a short time, and whilst we will do our best to memorise and learn how to pronounce your name, you will be relieved to know that barista-made coffee is possible for guests at Mapleton and Brookfield campsites.

Here’s a bit about some of the coffee that our baristas serve up.

Mapleton and Noosa:

QCCC Mapleton and Noosa Outdoor Education Centre are both stoked to support a local roastery. Sunshine Coast Coffee Roastery are one of the largest coffee roasters in Queensland. Their passion for coffee shines bright in every batch. They believe in their customers and their coffee.

According to the Sunshine Coast Coffee Roastery’s website, “Specialty Coffee is the difference between good coffee and great coffee. Coffee that has been graded 80 points and above are considered specialty coffee.” In our experience, the consistency of their bean makes our barista’s job a joy as they are punching out some seriously delicious coffee.

At QCCC Mapleton we use a specialty blend (New Guinea and Ethiopia) and it is graded at 86 points. The team from Sunshine Coast Roastery even worked with us to perfect the flavour profile that we were happy with. We are a huge fan of their service and how they value supporting local.


school camp coffee

QCCC Brookfield’s new coffee machine came online in early August 2022, and in the process (through word of mouth from our amazing kitchen staff) we heard about a great bean, Dancing Bean Expresso – House Blend, from a roastery in Ipswich! We think it’s a tasty blend with some delicious flavour tones of chocolate, malt, and almond. The owner of Dancing Bean Expresso, Rob, even visited us recently to give our team some training and pointers on how to get the best out of the bean. Thanks Rob!

That’s a little bit about the story of coffee at QCCC. And have we mentioned yet that there is FREE coffee for teachers on school camps at QCCC?

Coffee makes happy campers at QCCC!