Church Camps in Queensland

Church Camps in Queensland: Nurturing Community, Spiritual Growth, and Discipleship at QCCC

Church camps are an effective way to express and demonstrate that church is more than just a Sunday service. Christian Camping is God’s tool for churches to connect with the younger generation and to nurture them into leaders. A church camp at Queensland Conference and Camping Centres (QCCC) venue is an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Church camps have profound impact of Christian community building, spiritual growth, and discipleship.

  1. Australian Insights into Church Camping:

In the vast and diverse landscape of Australia, the significance of Christian camping experiences takes on a unique purpose. Research (2020 Australian Community Survey) by the National Church Life Survey (NCLS) suggests that over half of Australians, with their strong connection to the outdoors, find preference for spiritual nourishment in nature-based settings. QCCC’s campsites provide the perfect opportunity for church communities to comfortably gather, experience a camp program that is close to nature, and provide an opportunity for intentional discipleship. Interestingly, more Australians found preference in spending time in nature or outdoors as a preferred spiritual practice than consuming online spiritual or religious clips or podcasts (one in ten Australians).

  1. Fostering Authentic Christian Community:

Within the Australian cultural context, community bonds are integral to spiritual well-being. Studies conducted by McCrindle Research emphasize the importance of community engagement in Australians’ and congregant lives. Church camp programs can be designed to reflect and enhance this cultural element, offering activities that encourage participants to forge genuine connections through shared experiences, hospitality, worship, discipleship activities, and community-focused initiatives. Examples of this can be something as simple as sharing a meal with others who you would not normally have the opportunity, or group games where participants break off into smaller teams, or even worshiping together as a group through enjoyment of nature and community, music, or prayer.

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  1. Discipleship:

Learnings from the National Church Life Survey (NCLS) underscore the significance of mentorship and shared experiences in shaping discipleship. QCCC recognizes the need to create space to “do business with God” through enabling churches and ministries to facilitate meaningful mentorship and teachings that align with the discipleship needs of their communities. Camp is all about establishing and building relationships which proves invaluable to the discipleship process.

  1. Quantifying Impact with Australian Perspectives:

Australian insights are pivotal in understanding the national impact of church camps. According to a 2017 Christian Venues Association report (“Camps, Conferences and Community: Impacting relational, spiritual and personal formation” – that was based on 2016 National Church Life Survey data), indicate that 47% of respondents reported a significant positive effect that attending a camp, conference, or spiritual retreat had on their first faith commitment. In the same study, 57% of respondents indicated that Christian Camps had strengthened their faith, and 14% reported decision to enrol at Bible College (or in similar training). These statistics are certainly a strong indication of the effectiveness of utilising camps for discipling church and ministry communities.

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QCCC offers churches and ministry partners a unique opportunity to embark on an effective Australian church or ministry camping journey, where the hospitality, expertise and facilities enhance community building, spiritual growth, and discipleship. Established in the diverse tapestry of the Australian landscape, QCCC venues and program experience offer an opportunity for churches and ministries to engage in an authentic community experience that speaks to the hearts of participants, fosters transformational moments in the journey of faith and fellowship. Book your church or ministry camp today with QCCC and discover the unparalleled growth in your community’s faith in God through Christian camping right here in the heart of Queensland.



*Citation: Pepper, M. and Hancock, N. (2017) Christian Camps, Conferences and Retreats: Attender Experiences and Preferences. Sydney: NCLS Research.