Chappys stay free at QCCC

In recognition of the important role of chaplains in Australia’s school communities, Queensland Conference and Camping Centres (QCCC) has decided that chaplains accompanying school camps will stay free at QCCC facilities for the duration of their school camp.

Chappy’s stay free when joining their school camps in enjoying the amazing QCCC facilities.

QCCC is growing partnerships with other, like-minded organisations and the staff bodies of the three QCCC Centres are firm believers in the validity and importance of chaplaincy in schools.

Camping establishes an environment for out-of-the-ordinary experiences, which tend to be remembered more than experiences in ordinary settings. QCCC would like to enable school chaplains to be a part of this process as much as possible and will therefore waive all charges associated with a chaplain’s attendance at a school camp.

A recent government survey found that Eighty-four per cent of surveyed school principals indicated that feedback from parents about chaplaincy had been strongly positive or mostly positive. Seventy-five per cent of students said that having a chaplain was very important (scoring the importance as 8 or more out of 10).

Please contact QCCC for further details and access to free-stay arrangements for school chaplains.