QCCC Brookfield, Uncategorized / 25.07.2019

QCCC’s commitment to continual improvement, of sites and camp programs, will see several new facilities and activities being rolled out across our South East Queensland Outdoor Education Centres.  New dining courtyard QCCC Brookfield has invested to make a significant expansion to its dining areas and hospitality facilities.  The open courtyard adjacent to the existing dining room has been covered to create an el fresco dining space.  The space creates additional space for large groups and a delightful chill zone throughout the day.  Music...

Uncategorized / 19.12.2018

QCCC’s Mapleton Adventure Camp Venue will start 2019 with a fresh look after a refurbishment of all the site’s accommodation.  Earlier this year Harrison Lodge was the first accommodation to get an upgrade with Merrin Lodge recently completed.  The refurbishments to these accommodation wings complements the modern, ensuite accommodation on offer at Lethem Lodge.  The major part of the work was the replacement of the wooden bunks which have been used since the site was...

QCCC Mapleton, Uncategorized / 20.10.2017

In the age of social media and easy access to cameras, drones and editing suites, schools are capable of producing some amazing videos of their students' educational experiences.  Every now and again one gets placed on the internet that we just have to share!  Using a week's worth of footage, including from a drone, this incredible video captures the heart and soul of the school camp and outdoor education experience at QCCC Mapleton.  We've been a part of the Queensland community for ninety years and value the partnerships we have with hundreds of Queensland schools and community groups.