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Our Staff / 22.10.2020

POSITIONS VACANT: QCCC is emerging from the impact of COVID on operations and will be looking at new recruits to fill several vacant roles over the next few months.  ...

Our Staff / 23.07.2020

Covid Safe School Camp QueenslandThere's always a nervous anticipation when you start something "new", which was really what it was like last week when we re-opened for schools with Covid-Safe operations. So we were really chuffed to get this feedback on how we went. It was so good to bring the students to Mapleton last week. I was not sure we would have the opportunity to do so this year, so while there were many differences in this camp to the format we are used to, it was wonderful to be there and some of the changes turned out to be highly valued. That is especially the case with the Triballink programs and I have already had conversations with the administration about retaining that component for next year's camp program.
Our Staff, QCCC Mapleton / 17.07.2020

Applications for the 2020 CAMPFIRE Internship program at QCCC Mapleton are open. CAMPFIRE Discipleship is an internship comprising a two-year spiritual formation program giving a practical and foundational understanding of the Christian faith and training in Outdoor Recreation which prepares you for ministry in the growing Outdoor Education sector.  The Blackall Range has a place of great importance in our nation’s history.  It is a place of abundance and hosted the regular Bunya Festival – a...

Our Staff / 29.04.2020

QCCC is re-engaging staff for the essential tasks required to operate, maintain, continue and guarantee the swift and improved recovery of QCCC’s operations. ...

Our Staff / 27.03.2020

QCCC is committed to working with authorities and our clients to minimise the spread and impact of the Covid-19 virus. Our advice to client groups is not to cancel bookings, but to work with our bookings staff to see them go ahead when safe to do so or postpone them to a later date in the year. ...

Our Staff, Packages, Reflections on culture / 17.07.2018

Outdoor Education Schools QueenslandOver the last few years the traditional activities of Outdoor Education have become mainstream commercial activities.  It’s possible to fly a zipline in a shopping centre, clamber over a high ropes course on an individual double carabiner setup or scale climbing walls with nothing more than the assistance of an automatic belay system.  Activities are getting bigger, better, longer and some of our competitors have installed similar options because it’s cheaper, less labour intensive and allows larger participant to staff ratios.  Some climbing walls even offer strobe lights and blaring disco music.
Our Staff, Packages / 16.05.2018

Sequential School Camp ProgramsThe concept of “sequential school camp” programs have established a foothold in the consciousness of many schools over the last decade.  With a lot of schools running camping programs from Grade 3 right through to Year 12 it can be a mammoth task to find an operator capable of offering a program with sufficient variety and quality.  No two schools are the same and each school wants different outcomes and has different needs.
Our Staff / 26.02.2018

QCCC has been running expeditions and campsites in Queensland for more than ninety years and our parent body, Queensland Baptists, has been assisting Queensland communities since 1855.   We are not answerable to foreign shareholders and investors who have no connection or emotional investment to our slice of paradise....

Our Staff, QCCC Mapleton / 30.10.2017

Queensland Outdoor Education awardsQCCC’s Senior Supervisor of Outdoor Education, Neil Robinson, has received the recognition and accolade he’s due from his industry peers, taking home the Queensland Government Outstanding Achievement Award (Individual) from the annual Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation (QORF) Awards on Friday night. Queensland Conference and Camping Centres (QCCC) won the Outstanding Organisation Award in 2013 largely off the back of the successful team Neil has assembled over more than two decades of service with the organisation.  Neil is a trusted pioneer of Outdoor Education in Queensland, joining the staff at QCCC Mapleton in 1994 to start a one-man operation. From humble beginnings QCCC is now one of the largest providers of Outdoor Education programming in Queensland, catering to nearly 20,000 participants annually.
Our Staff, QCCC Mapleton / 11.10.2017