Campfire Internships


The Blackall Range has a place of great importance in our nation’s history.  It is a place of abundance and hosted the regular Bunya Festival – a corroboree where stories and skills were exchanged, conflicts resolved and stories told.  Working with several prominent Aboriginal Christians the QCCC CAMPFIRE program is an attempt to resurrect the legacy of our continent’s original inhabitants within the context of Outdoor Education and Recreation.  The program is an inseparable combination of Christian discipleship, Aboriginal story and training in Outdoor Education.


The CAMPFIRE Discipleship Internship is a two-year program giving you a foundational understanding of the Christian faith and training in Outdoor Recreation which prepares you for ministry and career in the growing Outdoor Education sector.

In the first year the focus of the internship is on organic discipleship from several spiritual mentors and a significant component of a Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation (SIS30413) from The Training Collaborative.   At the end of the first year an individual program for the second year will be discussed and implemented between student and mentors, incorporating continued mentoring and discipleship, mission trips and work in Outdoor Education completing the Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation and possibly some elements of a Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation (SIS40313).


Application for the internship is open to everyone and a rigorous selection and interview process will apply before places are offered.  The internship program will have a strong focus on themes of reconciliation, country and community and therefore Aboriginal Christians are particularly encouraged to apply.  Many of QCCC’s existing journey-based programs are provided to girls’ schools and there is also a strong emphasis on training and recruiting female activities staff.



  • Discipleship
  • Leadership
  • Outdoor Education
  • Adventure
  • Mission
  • Academics
  • Work



You will receive practical experience, training and qualifications in the following outdoor areas:

  • Archery
  • Canoeing
  • CPR & First Aid
  • Flatwater Kayaking
  • High Ropes
  • Initiatives and Team Building
  • Low Ropes
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In your second year of study interns who have excelled in the first year will also be able to pursue some of the following electives:

    • Biking
    • Bushwalking
    • Wilderness First Aid


Interns will draw a weekly wage informed by the trainee provisions under the Federal Events, Amusements and Recreation Award (Schedule D: National Training Wage).  Students may also qualify for the Youth Allowance (geographic and parental assets tests apply).   A post-tax deduction will be required from wages earned for tuition, accommodation and food but students will still have a residual income to apply to their own expenses and financial obligations.



Chris Erb

CAMPFIRE Internship Trainer