Urban Campus Upgrades

Brisbane Urban School Campsite

Urban Campus Upgrades

QCCC’s commitment to continual improvement, of sites and camp programs, will see several new facilities and activities being rolled out across our South East Queensland Outdoor Education Centres. 

Brisbane Urban School Campsite Outdoor Dining
New dining courtyard

QCCC Brookfield has invested to make a significant expansion to its dining areas and hospitality facilities.  The open courtyard adjacent to the existing dining room has been covered to create an el fresco dining space.  The space creates additional space for large groups and a delightful chill zone throughout the day.  Music Camps are also using it as an additional practice space.

Brisbane School Camp Teacher Cafe
Cafe and teacher retreat

The small dining room area has been converted into a modern, cosmopolitan café space.  Glamorously appointed, the café has a self-serve coffee machine and couches and dining tables.  This room now doubles up as a teacher sanctuary, complete with complimentary Wifi.

Brisbane Recreation Camp Queensland
Gaga Ball Arena

Recreation at the site has also been given a boost with a Gaga Ball pit built near the tennis court to complement the beach volleyball court and games room (where the pool table has been resurfaced).  Gaga ball is a fun, interactive and fast-paced version of dodgeball played inside a small arena with space for spectator encouragement. 

Teacher Accommodation Brisbane School Campsite
New showers in Unit 20

The bathrooms in Unit Twenty have also been given a significant renovation.  This unit is the most popular with teachers on their Brisbane school camp as it also has a lounge area, and the bathrooms have been improved to hotel suite standard to ensure a comfortable stay. 

QCCC is committed to staying at the top of the game in the Queensland School Camp industry and Brookfield is the closest Urban campsite to the Brisbane CBD.  These improvements will make your next stay even more comfortable and enjoyable.  For bookings contact our team at bookings@brookfield.qccc.org.au