School and Education Camps in Queensland at the Gold Coast

Brookfield’s Five-star rating

Brisbane School CamspiteQueensland Health has been recently been conducting exhaustive health and safety audits of Queensland school campsites prompted by a viral gastroenteritis outbreak at a Grade 4 camp at a competitor site, impacting 40 children.  Queensland Health are keen to establish school campsites are doing their utmost to prevent a recurrence of this episode.

It has been gratifying for QCCC staff to be informed we’re “best-practice” by Queensland Health officials, with QCCC’s commitment to excellence favourably compared to some of Queensland’s top resorts.

In the last week it was the turn of our Brisbane Campsite, QCCC Brookfield, to be audited.  As expected, Brookfield received an excellent report.  This was of little surprise to the Brookfield staff given their participation in Brisbane City Council’s Eat Safe program which rates the health and safety of catering facilities by a star-rating system.

Brisbane School CampsiteQCCC Brookfield enjoys a five-star rating from Brisbane City Council, meaning it is an “excellent performer” and fully compliant with the Food Act 2006 and overall very high standard of food safety management practices.  The five-star award is not given out lightly, requiring near perfection during Council’s audit process of facilities and practices.  QCCC Brookfield proudly displays its five-star rating, ranking it with some of the best restaurant facilities in Brisbane city.

The foundational basis of QCCC’s programs lies in hospitality, one of the first and most ancient of virtues of human existence.  Brookfield’s catering team are highly credentialed with significant industry experience and a passion for excellence in hospitality.  They prepare 75,000 meals annually, from gourmet feasts to packed lunches for school groups on their Brisbane Camp in the CBD.

This focus on high-quality hospitality gives QCCC Brookfield its reputation as the premiere option for school camps staying in Brisbane city.  Just twenty minutes from the CBD, Brookfield offers schools an exclusivity not enjoyed at facilities shared with backpackers and the general public.  For a safe and enjoyable Brisbane School Camp be sure to contact our bookings team at QCCC Brookfield!