Activity of the Week: Crate Climb

The humble milk crate. It is always amazing to see how many uses we have found for the milk crate over the years apart from its intended use of carrying milk or drinks. In our outdoor education setting at QCCC, the humble milk crate plays a crucial part in the crate climb activity. The crate climb is truly a fun and strategic team activity with a high rope element to it. Success in the crate climb is dependent on how well the team works together, which is an ideal learning outcome for any outdoor education activity.



Here’s how it works:

Participants work in teams to stack milk crates to create a tower. Participants climb up the tower as the build gets higher. Participants wear helmets and full harness for safety. It requires participants to problem-solve with their team as they go, and the unique high ropes element means that other members of the team help the builders maintain balance and regulate the weight load on the crate tower. The climbers are diligently belayed by their peers creating a whole group activity that builds trust and keeps all the students involved for the whole activity.