Queensland Conference and Camping Centres (QCCC) consists of a team of catering, cleaning, maintenance, outdoor education and management professionals striving to care for our guests with excellence in hospitality, service, partnership and outdoor instruction.  Employing 150 Queenslanders, QCCC is one of Queensland’s largest and most decorated Outdoor Education providers.


As a ministry of Queensland Baptists to the Global community, the QCCC ethos and culture is informed by a shared recognition of the historical figure of Jesus the Carpenter from Nazareth, a sense of joyful obligation to be true to His example and a responsibility to achieve the task He has given us to redeem the created order. As a nation Australia enjoys many of the benefits that arise from a Judeo-Christian heritage, and we see our role as continuing to live out this approach to life, advocating its benefits proven in human history.


QCCC is responsible for the viable and effective operation of our centres and expeditions in keeping with the vision and values of the Queensland Baptists. We seek to be our customers’ first choice by consistently exceeding their expectations and providing the very best care for our guests through professional competence.  The accolade most heard about QCCC staff is “they go the extra mile”.



As a ministry of Queensland Baptists, Queensland Conference and Camping Centres (QCCC) exists to create life-changing experiences through excellence in hospitality, service, partnership, and outdoor instruction.

“The change you want to see in the world lies within”



We will achieve our vision by:

  • Exceeding guest expectations;
  • Partnering with guest groups to facilitate and empower programs for mutually beneficial outcomes;
  • Providing cost effective programming;
  • Valuing and empowering an enthusiastic staff body to pursue a positive work environment which models the values contained in our major teaching tool (the QCCC Hand); and
  • Caretaking the natural environment of our facilities and interpreting their beauty and splendour.




Keeping our guests safe is the highest priority at all QCCC campsites. Our management team is constantly reviewing all activities and venues so any problems can be identified and simple, effective solutions provided for their management.  Our employees monitor events and situations to ensure the safety – physical, material, and otherwise – of not only our guests, but of those with whom we conduct business, our staff, officers, and facilities.  This limits the potential for problems at our venues while allowing everyone to have fun in a low-risk environment.  Risk Management Procedures are documented in the latest Risk Management Policy, which can be viewed upon request.  All QCCC staff are required to have a current Blue Cards before commencement of employment, many have First Aid and CPR qualifications, and most Outdoor Education instructors have Bronze Medallion certification and Wilderness First Aid.  Brookfield, Mapleton and Tamborine have an onsite defibrillator.



QCCC is committed to ensuring that the safety, welfare, and wellbeing of children is maintained at all times during their attendance at our facilities and during their participation in activities that are arranged and supervised by our staff and officers. QCCC promotes a safe environment for all children, assisting all staff and officers in the development of safe practices that will help them recognize child abuse or any contravention of welfare or rights of children and young people. Should such a situation arise the appropriate notification procedures will be followed immediately.  QCCC staff who work and interact with children and young people at QCCC venues attend regular instruction and education in child protection awareness conducted by Safe Ministry Resources.

QCCC’s Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy (CYRMS) is available for download: QCCC CYRMS

QCCC’s Director Declaration regarding Blue Cards for staff prior to the commencement of employment is available for download: QCCC Blue Cards – Director Declaration


Pricing Policy

QCCC is a charitable organization and camp prices are kept to a minimum. Prices cover accommodation, programme coordination and assistance from QCCC staff. As each camp is designed to meet the specific requirements of each particular group, prices may vary according to site and programme components. All transactions in accordance with these rates are GST Free under Section 38-250 of A New Tax System (Good and Services Tax) Act 1999. Please contact the site of your choice for more information.


Our Privacy Pledge:
  • Children under the age of 13 must have their parent’s or guardian’s consent before submitting any information to QCCC
  • We will never sell, exchange or release personal information (name, email address, mailing address, credit card data, etc) without express written consent, regardless of its source, to any third parties.
  • If you authorize us to send you further information or promotional material, we may do so using either email or the mailing addresses provided in your response. From time to time we may notify you of special events, new resources or services, or other information that may interest you. If you do not wish to receive this type of information, you will be able to express this when asked initially or in any responses thereafter. We will not send you information if you inform us you do not wish to receive such material.
View Privacy Policy Here


QCCC provides flexible and world class facilities for your next school camp, conference or retreat in South East Queensland. With three flexible sites offering a range of modern options we can look after your every need. To take the stress out of organizing your next event we ensure that issues of safety and compliance are of utmost operational importance to us.

Building Fire Safety Regulations 1991 (Fire Act)

Where applicable, QCCC’s structures, policies and practices comply with the Queensland

Building and Fire Safety Regulations 1991. This includes, but is not limited, to the following:

  • Fire and evacuation plans
  • Regular testing of prescribed fire safety installations
  • Building and construction
  • Maintenance of relevant records
Educations and General Provisions Act
  • Inclusivity
  • Privacy and confidentiality
Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian Act (2000)
  • All employees and volunteers are required to carry a current ‘Blue Card’
  • Safe Places checklist, policies, and practices
  • Child Protection and Welfare policies, practices and training
Food Act (Food Safety and Compliance)
  • Hold current Food Business Licenses
  • Preparation of food
  • Sanitation and hygiene issues
  • Food transport
  • Service processes
  • Contamination safety processes
  • Workplace health and safety
Workplace Relations
  • Working conditions
  • Staff hours
Buildings and Other Legislation Act (BOLA)
  • Accommodation regulations
  • Safety regulations