Cultural Awareness programs now available at Mapleton

Cultural Awareness programs now available at Mapleton


Cultural Awareness Workshops now available at QCCC Mapleton.

Goombuckar Dancers are available to perform night programs at schools and corporate camps at QCCC Mapleton.  The Goombuckar dance troupe consists of between 4 & 10 dancers who are descendants from the local Gubbi Gubbi people.  Song man and didgeridoo player Kerry Neill has travelled the world sharing his culture.  Now this amazing troupe performs traditional and contemporary dances from the local area and afar.

Cultural performances can be tailored to suit guest needs with up to 90 minutes of dance, cultural talks and storytelling.  Cultural performances offered include welcome to country, fire making, Didgeridoo solos and stories, aboriginal artifacts and weapons explanations and a bush food walk.

For school groups Goombuckar have a full set of Aboriginal Artefacts and the hunting techniques still used by the troupe in the bush. Bush techniques cover the main aims of bush craft (staying quiet, remembering where you are and not taking more than you need.)  Goombuckar try to ensure that this information relates to children’s’ school work and they aim to encourage learning in tactile and fun ways.
All performances are interactive and created to build self esteem and respect. Respect for the environment, Respect for the learning, Respect for teachers/school and Respect for self.

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