5 Tips for School Camps in Queensland

5 Tips for School Camps in Queensland

Here are our top 5 tips for school camps in Queensland in 2023.

5 – Pack wisely: Whilst it is important to keep your luggage as light as you can, we know that in Queensland the weather conditions can change at any time. So, it can be important to factor in some strategic packing that includes a rain jacket, old shoes, spare underwear, a hat, and a jumper. Have sunscreen handy also, even during overcast whether the high UV factor can cause your skin to burn.

4 – Keep the place clean and tidy: One of the many things we can learn from our First Nations Brothers and Sisters is the importance of looking after and respecting place. It is not only important to keep your dorm or tent tidy and clean, but also to respect the land on which you walk and play. Put your rubbish in the bins provided, be respectful of bushland and animal habitats, and treat the equipment you use properly.

3 – Play it safe: Outdoor education activities and camping is fun (it is supposed to be), but there is a serious side to it. Particularly when it comes to the safety of you and others. For example, if you are keen to have a go at the ‘leap of faith’ activity at QCCC Tamborine or Mapleton, it is important to listen carefully to the instructions given by activity instructors and teachers. Helmets, harnesses, and careful listening all go hand in hand for the safest experience possible for you and other campers.

2 – Try something new: School camps always bring opportunities to take part in outdoor education activities that you may not have the opportunity to do in everyday life. If you are camping at a venue like QCCC Mapleton where high activities such as the giant swing might be on your list, or if staying at Noosa Outdoor Education Centre you might keen to learn some fair-dinkum bush survival skills. Regardless of the activity, you might be a bit anxious at first, but you can do it and you have help available all around you from teachers, instructors, and fellow campers.

1 – Drink lots of water: Bring a water bottle that you can reuse/refill. This is good for the environment and convenient. If it is within your budget, consider a water bottle that is insulated that will keep your water cool all day. School camp days are long days, so keep up the fluids to help keep you going and keep any pesky headaches away.

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